Welcome to the help docs!
This documentation will go through everything you need to fully utilize, customize and make the most out of your Fera application.

Content, Widgets & Requests

There are 3 main things that you'll want to do in Fera:

1. Add/Import Content

Manage your reviews, photos, videos, testimonials and events from here. This is like your social proof database.

2. Show Widgets

Add widgets to show your social proof content like a list of customer reviews for each product, product rating stars, etc.
There are lots of types of widgets you can add to your site to increase social proof in various ways.

3. Request Reviews

Review Requests allow you to request reviews, photos and videos from your customers. There are 2 types:
Automatic Review Requests allow you to automatically request reviews, photos and videos from your customers after each order.
One-time Review Requests allow you to send a request for reviews, photos and/or videos from your past customers in one show.

Need Help?

Please let us know if you have any questions about anything. We offer a dedicated developer support for any of our paid plans, just ask about it when you contact us via live chat or email.
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