Product Reviews List
How to show customer reviews on your product pages
How to add product reviews list widget to your store with Fera.
The product reviews widget is our most common widget used.
It shows a list of product reviews for the current product on your product pages (or anywhere else within a product context that you set).
Example of product reviews widget showing in a site.

How to add product reviews widget

To add the product review widget go to:
  1. 1.
    From the sidebar click 'Widgets'
  2. 2.
    Click 'Add Widget'
  3. 3.
    Click 'Reviews'
  4. 4.
    Click 'Product Reviews'

Show Verification Icon

Shopper verification icons that say "real shopper verified by Fera" will automatically show next to the names of shoppers that Fera has been able to verify are in fact real buyers of your products.
If a shopper was not linked to their purchase or you added the shopper's review manually, then verification won't show unless you request manual verification from our team.

Special Behavior Options

The product reviews list widget has some options that you can configure to optimize your social proof and minimize clutter on your website.
Fera product reviews list widget behavior options.
The default options will hide the 'Write a review' link unless the shopper is detected to be a customer. You can change this setting so that it always shows the write review link.
Hiding the 'Write a review' link improves conversions since it lets you focus new shopper eyes on the 'Buy' buttons/links instead of 'Write a review'.
There's no sense in asking someone to write a review when they haven't even bought the product yet, right?

Intelligent "0 Reviews" Hiding

By default, Fera will show reviews from similar products (or just other products on the site) if there are no reviews available for the current product.
If this does not work well for you since you have a wide variety of products on your site, then you can also change this option to HIDE the reviews block when there are 0 reviews.
If you want to show "0 reviews" you can also turn this option off.
Hiding "0 reviews" is highly recommended since it creates negative social proof. For most people, we recommend the default options.

How to reply to reviews

Replying to reviews is easily done from the Content -> Reviews section. See the Replying to Reviews section for more info.

Photos & Videos

If a customer submits photos or videos as part of their review Fera will automatically attach them to the review list widget. You don't need to do anything extra for this.


Fera review and rating widgets utilize the architecture and will automatically show product ratings in Google once the widget is live and running on your site.
Ratings should automatically show in Google search results after adding this widget, but if they don't please see our troubleshooting guide on the matter:
Example of product review ratings showing in search results automatically with Fera.
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