Events Feed (Embedded)
How to add an embedded feed of shopper events/activity (social proof feed) to your store.
Example of site using the embedded shopper events feed on their home page.
Add the 'Event Feed' widget
  1. 1.
    Click the '+ Add Widget' button at the top right within the widget section.
Where to find the 'Add Widget' button
2. Select 'Shopper Events' Widget
3. Select 'Embedded Feed'
How to add shopper events to your store.
4. Select where you want to show your feed
Options for location when adding an embedded shopper event feed
Customize Feed - Location
Under the widget's Location section, you can choose where on your site you want your feed to show.
1. Click on "CHANGE" under the Store Section heading
Where to change your store section
2. Choose where you want your widget to appear
Options for where you want your widet to appear on your store
3. Click on the purple Update button at the top right.
Customize Feed - Content
Under the Content section of your widget, you can customize several things like
  • Events to show
  • Customer name
  • Max product name length
  • Show profile picture
Events to show
You can choose what type of events to display and set a 'Max Age" of events to display. The "Max Age" is the lookback period of events.
With Fera, you can set a lookback period of up to 4 weeks.
Where to change the content that appears
Show profile picture
When you select 'Yes,' Fera will try to find the customer's profile picture based on publicly available information (like Facebook, Twitter, and Gravatar)
Customize Feed - Design
For all design options, check out the design help doc.
Customize Feed - Behavior
Under the Behavior tab, you can customize
  • Timing
  • Animation
  • Product context
Choosing product context
With Fera, you can choose to show shopper events from similar products or, if there are no similar products, none at all.
Customize Feed - Conditions
Finally, you can set Triggers and Display Conditions for your feed.
Where to find triggers and display conditions
For more information on Conditions, check out the help doc.
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