Event Popups

How to add shopper event popups (social proof popups) to your store
Example of site using the shopper event popups in Fera

Add the 'Event Popups' widget

  1. Click the '+ Add Widget' button at the top right within the widget section.

Where to find the add widget button

2. Select 'Shopper Events' Widget

3. Select 'Popups'

How to add shopper events to your store.

Customize Popups - Location

Under the widget's Location section, you can choose where on your site you want your popup to show. You can choose from all four corners of the window.

Note: You'll want to choose a place that doesn't interfere with other items in your store, like chat buttons.

Where to choose a location of your social proof popups

Customize Popups - Content

Under the Content section of your widget, you can customize several things like

  • Events to show

  • Countdown

  • Close button option

  • Show customer name

  • Max product name length

  • Picture mode

  • Verification

Events to show

You can choose what type of events to display, and you can set a 'Max Age" of events to display. The "Max Age" is the lookback period of events.

With Fera, you can set a lookback period of up to 4 weeks.

The content section for social proof events


If you enable this option, the popups will show a little countdown timer on the notification's bottom right, so you know when the next notification will be displayed.

Where to find the countdown under social proof popups

Close button

If you enable this button, customers can close the popups for 24 hours.

Picture Mode

Within the popup, you can choose to display your

  • customer's photo

  • product photo or

  • no photo

Where to find picture mode


You can enable verification to show your shoppers that the data you are displaying is real.

We recommend that you keep this on to build and maintain trust with your shoppers.

Where to find verification for your social proof events

Customize Popups - Behavior

Under the behavior tab, you can customize

  • Timing

  • Animation

  • Product context

Behavior options in Fera

With Fera, you can choose to show shopper events from similar products or, if there are no similar products, none at all.

Customize Popups - Conditions

Finally, you can set Triggers and Display Conditions for your popup.

The condition tab for social proof events

For more information on Conditions, check out the help doc.