How to add shopper viewer or purchase counter widgets to your site.
This feature is only available for legacy stores.
Example of site using a viewer counter with a low stock indicator on their product page using Fera.
You can show 3 different types of counters for product pages:

1. Viewer Counter

The viewer counter shows the number of people who recently started looking at the current product.
It is a real, unique shopper count - so viewing the same product 10 times does not mean the counter will increase by 10 times (it will only increase once per shopper within the time period).

2. Recent Buyers

You can show a recent buyer count for the current product as well.
You can configure the order counter's lookback so that it counts buyers up to 60 days from the current time.

3. Recent Add to Carts

You can also show how many people recently added the product to their cart.
We don't recommend showing multiple counts at the same time to avoid overwhelming the user.
For established stores, recent buyer counts are more effective.
For new stores, viewer counters are recommended.

Low Stock Indicator

You can also show an optional low stock indicator with a default low stock message. This helps increase urgency in addition to the social proof from the counts.
A default stock message is useful to show something when stock is above your threshold.
You can customize the threshold or remove the default stock message (that says "🔥Limited stock" by default) altogether.
Fera verification will automatically show on click/hover. This feature makes customers significantly more likely to trust that your counters are real.

How to show low stock indicator and viewer count in collection pages

Example of site using a viewer counter on their collection pages with a low stock indicator.
To show low stock and viewer counts in your product pages, click the 'Collection Pages' option when adding the widget.

Verification for Shopper Counters

Fera will automatically show a popover when the counters are moused over to let shoppers know that your counters are real and verified.
Showing verification when the count is moused-over (or pressed on mobile) increases trust from your customers since we are a 3rd party verifying your truthfulness.
It's unfortunate, but many bad stores have hurt independent merchants' collective trustworthiness, so showing the Fera verification helps combat that effect.