Editing Timer Templates
How to edit urgency timers in Fera.ai
This feature is only available for legacy stores.

Editing the Timer Templates

That will let you edit the timer templates and display hours, minutes, and seconds, or only hours and minutes, or only hours, based on how you'd like the notifications to appear on your site.
The hours, seconds, and minutes should update based on your language settings and show in whatever language you've set through the app.
Within our interface, you have the ability to customize how timers display for a specific campaign.
Therefore this guide will help you with understanding how to format the template.
This template affects the
  • Get it By Timer Widget
  • Cart Timer Widget
  • Promo Bar Widget

Example Timer Templates

Timer template explaination
Timer Template
Example Result
[[%HOURS% hour[h*s] ]]%MINUTES% minute[m*s] %SECONDS% second[s*s]
1 hour 12 minutes 5 seconds
[[%HOURS% hour[h*s] ]]%MINUTES% min %SECONDS% sec
3 hours 1 min 2 sec
You can check out products on Amazon to get some inspiration on how the timers appear and to see how they use them to create urgency!