Custom Event Types

Fera supports the ability to push custom event types to the platform.

In addition to order and add to cart events, Fera supports the ability to push custom event types into the platform. These custom events can be used in social proof popups, social proof feeds and more.

To add a custom event type please contact our support team with the details of the custom event type you want to add and we'll activate it for you.

You'll need to be subscribed to a our medium plan or higher in order to create/display custom shopper events.

Push The Custom Events

Once you've activated the new event type by following the instructions above, you'll be able to push the new event type the same way you push order, add to cart and other shopper events.

Here's an example of how to push a sweepstakes_win event with the current product data using the Java-Script API:

push sweepstakes_win event
window.fera = window.fera || [];
window.fera.push('event', { type: 'sweepstakes_win', data: { product_id: fera.getProductId(), custom: { amount: 123} } })