You can manually trigger skills with this function.

If you've built a custom skill and you don't want it to start showing content (or running) until you've done something else, you can manually trigger the skill. This generally only works for custom skill types.

To use this method you must first set the custom skill trigger in the "when" tab to "OFF (manually triggered), like this:

Setting the custom skill trigger to trigger manually and not automatically.

If your account is configured for a developer, the interface may give you the code directly to trigger the skill. If it does not you can get the skill ID from the URL top (/skills/:id/edit) in order to use this API method like this:

fera.triggerSkill(123); // The first param is the skill ID.

If you're not sure if fera has yet loaded and want to trigger the skill, you can use the push method like this:

fera.push('triggerSkill', { id: 123 }); // 123 is the skill ID.