This method lets Fera know what current product (subscription, item, etc) the shopper is currently looking at, if any.

You can use the following code to tell Fera what product is currently being looked at:

Example 1: No Product Data

If you don't yet have data about the product currently being viewed then you can use the following method:

Example 2: Including Product Data (Recommended)

If you are not syncing product data another way, then you should include product info in your method call like this:

fera.push('setProduct', {
"id": "product-123", // String
"name": "Product 123", // String
"status": "published", // (Optional) String
"price": 99.89, // (Optional) Float
"created_at": "2019-03-18T21:01:10+00:00", // (Optional) String (ISO 8601 format DateTime)
"modified_at": "2019-03-18T21:01:10+00:00", // (Optional) String (ISO 8601 format DateTime)
"stock": 123, // (Optional) Integer, If null assumed to be infinite.
"in_stock": true, // (Optional) Boolean
"url": "", // String
"thumbnail_url": "", // String
"needs_shipping": true, // (Optional) Boolean
"hidden": false, // (Optional) Boolean
"variants": [Variant], // (Optional) Array<Variant>: Variants that are applicable to this product.
"collections": [Collection], // (Optional) Array<Collection>: Collections that are applicable to this product.
"platform_data": { "any": "data" } // (Optional) Hash/Object of attributes to store about the product specific to the integration platform (can be used in future filters)

For more information about the format of the data see: