How to integrate Fera and PushOwl to create push notifications
This article is only for legacy stores.
With the integration between Fera and PushOwl, you can set up automated campaigns based on the behavior of your customers.
Activity by your shoppers is tracked in near real-time and this will trigger notifications based on the conditions you have set up.
With this powerful feature, you can send notifications to shoppers who have items in their cart, shoppers who have been browsing on your store for a while but haven’t purchased yet, and several other conditions.
To set up trigger-based notifications with Fera and PushOwl,
1. Install PushOwl on your Shopify store.
PushOwl in the Shopify App store
2. Open your Fera dashboard.
3. In the widgets section click on '+Add Widget'
Where to find the 'Add widget' button
4. Select 'Show Something Else...'
Where to find more widgets
5. Select the 'Decrease Abandonment' section and select 'Push Notification Promo Upon Activity'
Where to find the 'Push Notification' widget
6. Customize content and triggers as needed.
Navigate to the Content Tab to change your title and image URL along with any other content you want your shoppers to see.
If you want to run a custom script, you can enable this and set your parameters within it in the Body Content section.
Navigate to the Conditions tab to set any triggers and limits that you want to implement.
Where to edit trigges in Fera
For a full list of triggers visit the Triggers Help Doc.
8. Once you are done, click on the 'Launch' button to enable the widget so your triggered notifications can be sent.
Launch button
You can also save the skill as a draft by clicking on the 'Save Draft' button and coming back to it later.
Save Draft button
You can check how your push notifications are performing in your PushOwl dashboard.
PushOwl dashboard
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