How to integrate Fera review events with Klaviyo flow
This integration allows you to use Fera review events in flows of Klaviyo. Whenever a customer submits a review, a “Submitted Review (Fera)” metric event will be created in Klaviyo. Using this metric, you will be able to trigger its corresponding flow as per your preference.
For example, you can create a response email flow to your customers based on their review rating whether it’s positive or negative.

Klaviyo Integration Setup

Please follow the below instructions:
1. Go to “Integrations” from the top right.
2. In Klaviyo box, click CONNECT button.
3. Follow displayed instructions to copy/paste the Public and Private API keys of Klaviyo.
4. After you press Save button, system will connect and show a green light referring to Connected status.

Using Fera Review event in Klaviyo flow

Whenever a customer submits a review, a “Submitted Review (Fera)” metric event will be created in the customer profile. It will contain the following fields:
  • rating: Rating of the review out of 5
  • heading: Title of the review
  • body: Body of the review
  • customer_name: Name of the customer
  • order_id: ID of the order
  • product_id: ID of the product
  • product_name: Name of the product
  • product_url: URL address of the product
  • submitted_photo: If the review contains a photo or not
  • submitted_video: If the video contains a video or not
You can create a Metric-Triggered Flow in Klaviyo and use the “Submitted Review (Fera)” metric as its trigger. Below are articles that will help you get familiar with Klaviyo flows and how to trigger them using metrics:
Feel free to contact Klaviyo support if you need extra help setting this up.
Last modified 5mo ago