How to link and display your Facebook recommendations to your online store using Fera.
Now you can display your Facebook recommendations on your online store with Fera by following these steps.
How to import Facebook recommendations to your online store.
1. In your dashboard, click on the setting icon. This is the little person with the gear.
2. Select 'Integrations'
Where to find integrations in the Fera dashboard
3. Scroll down to find 'Facebook"
4. Click 'Connect'
5. Follow the steps on the page to connect your Facebook to Fera.
6. Head back to the Integrations page and find 'Facebook'
7. Click 'Manage'
Where to find the Facebook sync integration
8. Select the page you want to link
9. Click 'Save'
Save your Facebook sync settings
Now you can show off your recommendations in a reviews widget.
Last modified 4mo ago
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