Quick Start
How to skip all the little details and setup Fera in 5 minutes.
This guide is for anyone who wants to set up Fera really quickly to do the basics using all the recommended settings.

1. Add/import your existing reviews, photos, and videos if you have any

Add or import existing reviews, customer photos and/or videos.

2. Add the Product Reviews List widget

Launch a widget to show product reviews in your product pages.
Don't forget to launch the widget by clicking the "Launch" button. Draft widgets don't show on your site.

3. Start automatically requesting reviews from customers

Launch an automatic review request.
Don't forget to launch the campaign by clicking the "Launch" button. Until you do that Fera won't start asking for reviews.

That's it!

There's a lot more you can do with Fera, but if you followed those instructions you would get your basic customer review system set up in 5 minutes.
Be sure to explore the other widget options and features!
Last modified 3mo ago