How to use triggers in Fera.

Where to find triggers

You can find the triggers section in most widgets by navigating to the 'Conditions' Tab.

Where to find the 'Conditions' tab
Where to find the 'Triggers' section

Trigger options

You can choose to launch widgets based on many factors, including

Time-based triggers

  • Shopper on page for...

  • Shopper on site for...

  • Shopper has been INACTIVE on page for...

  • Shopper 1st seen more than...

Mouse-based triggers

  • Shopper clicks on...

  • Shopper mouse enters...

  • Shopper mouse leaves...

  • Shopper shows exit intent.

Other Triggers

  • When page loads. (default)

  • OFF (or manually triggered)

Trigger Limits

Once you have chosen your triggers, you can limit how often to show the widget based on shopper activity.

  • No limit.

  • Once per 15 minutes per shopper.

  • Once per hour per shopper.

  • Once per day per shopper.

  • Once per week per shopper.

  • Once per month per shopper.

  • Once per year per shopper.