Common Widget Options
Customization options that apply to all types of Fera widgets that appear in your store.
All widgets have several common customization options regardless of the content you are trying to show.


Where should the widget show?


What content should this widget show? This section depends on the widget you're trying to configure.
For example, for a product reviews widget, you'll be able to configure which product reviews will show (and how they'll show).
For a customer photos & videos widget, you'll decide which photos and videos to source from.


Each widget has a design section that lets you customize the colors, sizes, fonts, etc., for what you see in the widget when it appears on your site.


How should the widget behave when shown to the site? Here is where you can customize how the widget decides to show/hide content or interact with the user.
Each widget has a slightly different behavior section.


The conditions section allows you to specify conditions that will tell Fera to show or hide the Widget.
Virtually everything is customizable. If you're wondering if it can be done, the answer is probably "yes" - it just depends on your skill level. Please ask our team for help if you get stuck!
Last modified 9mo ago