Custom Themes
How to create custom email themes for your Fera Review Requests.

How to Create a New Theme

This section requires knowledge of Liquid/HTML syntax. Please consult your developer or our support team for help with customization.
You can create and use custom email theme by clicking on the 'Customize' link in the Review Request Message customization section.
Where to find the 'Customize' button for your review request email
After clicking customize you'll be given the option to name and edit your new theme.
What the email theme editor looks like

Custom Theme Variables (Liquid)

There are a few variables that you can use:
Example Value
{{ content }}
This contains all the content from the current message being sent. You'll be able to customize the content later for each request.
<div>Hello world</div>
{{ unsubscribe_url }}
This is a URL that can appear in a link or directly to give the customer a way to not get contacted again by Fera.
{{ sender.display_name }}
This is the sender's display name. Each campaign can have a separate sender name, but usually it's the same for all your messages.
Joe @
{{ sender.display_picture }}
A URL to the sender's display image, if available and configured. This is not a required field.
Once you're happy with the content then hit the Save button on the top right of the editor.
Where to find the 'Save' button
Looking for custom content variables? Head on over to the advanced custom content customization section here.
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